Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Musings and more

Back when I started this whole blog thing, I had many reasons to put up a post once or twice a day. Now, I have too many.

I've always struggled with my own space time continuum boundaries not aligning with others'. However, when it is the family time that you delve into and lose yourself, very few send me complaints. As participant in the various iterations of family I tend to do just that; lose my self. This blog was once an announcement that I am present in the world. An attention getting tool with built in networks and positive reinforcement for my individual accomplishments, and not just those of my family as a whole. Then it clicked...

I will never again be just my individual self again.

(Before I go further with this thought, I must clarify that the above statement truly became my realization at one point many years ago, but I kept hold of the notion that I could remain independent whilst deeply connected to another amazing soul. What was I thinking?)

I reflect on all of this personal material here only because this blog no longer serves the same purpose as before. Hence the lack of posting for the past few years. At last I am clearly defining for my own intents and purposes what this blog can and should be. My journal, thought piggybank, and raw mental deluge target. I may never make this public, but if it is you may dismiss it as a lost thought on its way home. Keep it safe but don't hassle it with details. I spew forth with creative thoughts daily, but have lacked the time or effort to act upon or record them. Here are just a few examples from the past two weeks:

Jewlery- tons of ideas and several prototypes of recycled bicycle jewels sprinkled with a few finished pieces.

Song lyrics- mostly raps about school or society created while upon my bike seat during the commute.

2-D art- drawings and paintings, graffiti styles and old t-shirts on canvas

Problem solving- such as deciding how to shape young minds with a 1 hour lesson that took 5 minutes to plan. Yes I'm proud of my procrastination abilities.

Furniture and Home designs- moving things around has caused me to incessantly imagine blueprints for multiple could be projects.

I'll leave it at that for now. As for the space time continuum, I love it as it is. However nervous I may be for it to change throughout my life, I rest assured that the transition will be smoother than any that preceded it.

On that note, I celebrate my personal successes and those of my family and friends on Facebook. The like button is much easier than these long, drawn-out, random, thought meanderings.

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